About Village

Why should celebrations occur? Because a new country seat called “Saltupis” has been set up twenty five kilometers away from Kaunas centre heading the Alytus road. In the village of Saltupis this country seat is the only one that still exists.

The country seat is basically arranged for feast occasions, but those who just want to have a rest are also welcomed. The grange is surrounded by vast meadows and only far away the neighbors could be merely seen. Basketball, football and volleyball playing-fields are arranged in the territory of one hectare for the guests, fond of active recreation. Five kilometers away in Islauzo village there are ponds where paid fishing is available. Children as well will not get bored in the country seat, paled with original fence; much space, swings and sand yards are ready for their plays. In the three buildings the banqueting halls, sleeping places, bathhouse and tub for bathing is arranged.

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